4 Fun Activities for Your Next Family Gathering

family gathering

There’s nothing quite like a family gathering, as long as its fun for everyone! Make your next one memorable with these four fun activities.


Whether it’s a regular family game night, an annual vacation, or a huge family reunion, it’s always a good time when the whole family can get together. While it’s true that something like a corporate event may help employees engage more in the workplace, there’s nothing quite like a family gathering, getting the whole family together for some fun and bonding. Just make sure its actually fun!

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Finding activities that everybody enjoys and can participate in isn’t always easy. So to help you prepare for your next family gathering, here are a few fun activities to keep in mind. We’ve got four that we love and your family won’t complain about.


1. Host a Talent Show

With a large group of people, having a little talent show is always a good time. This gives people the opportunity to show off their skills, old or new, in front of their family and friends. From singing and dancing to acting out a skit to doing something crazy, it can be a lot of fun to see what family members excel at. Of course, you don’t have to have any winners if you don’t want to, but it can be a great opportunity to make some memories.

2. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

If you have a big house or outdoor area to utilize, planning a scavenger hunt can be the perfect activity for a family gathering. And fortunately, scavenger hunts are fairly easy to plan. All you need is a few specific items to hide around the area and clues to help people find them. You can have a theme and choose items related to that theme, or you can just choose a bunch of random objects. If you have a big group, consider splitting up into teams — and the first team to find the final object wins! This is an awesome way to get people up and moving, instead of just sitting around all day.

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3. A Cooking Contest

Hosting a cooking contest is perfect if everyone is coming from local areas. A friendly cooking competition can bring out the best in people, especially those who get to sit back and eat the yummy food. You can choose a specific type of food, like pie or chili, or you can have a general theme, like desserts or stews. Everyone will love coming together, eating a ton of delicious food, and sharing family recipes, of course.

4. Play Family Trivia

There are a lot of fun games people can play together, like one of the five largest sports in the U.S., which are soccer, hockey, football, baseball, and basketball. And while playing sports and games can be fun, it’s always more fun when they’re specific to the family. This is why you should consider creating a family trivia game for your next family gathering. Before the party, ask family members about their history, relationships, hobbies, and more. You can play this like a regular trivia game, asking teams different questions, or you can play it Jeopardy style. Either way, it’s a fun way to learn more about family members and get some bonding time in.


With more than eight million people flying every day, it’s important to plan something special when you have family members fly in, or drive in, from out of town. And hopefully, one or more of these activities will make it onto the agenda for your next family gathering.

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