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Flip a coin home workout circuit, literally that is. This workout is random and fun to embark on with a partner. Its part of our BuzzChomp Fitness video series.


For this home workout, you flip a coin nine times to determine your exercises. All of the exercises in this circuit are ones you’ve done before, which is great. It makes this circuit very approachable, which is a major plus. The randomness is great too, because its different every time you do it. That being said, I did notice that I’m normally a heads guy. This flip a coin home workout is great and that’s why I’m giving it a score of 9/10.

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There are two ways you can do this circuit. If you have a coin, then you can go ahead and flip it yourself. But what if you don’t have a coin? Don’t worry, just pick heads or tails. You can also follow along with my video and do what I got. That’s the great part about this home workout, you can have a completely random workout or you can create it how you see fit.

This is a really fun workout to do with someone else. I’ve done this one a bunch of times by myself for my early morning workouts, as well as with Mandi. I love doing it with someone else and experiencing the randomness together.

The version of this workout in the video is 4 tails, followed by 5 heads. There is definitely a myriad of options and this variation is a great workout to follow along with.

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Make sure you keep your pace up. If you get any of the timed exercises like I did, definitely just count the seconds yourself. This is one of those circuits where you don’t want to over complicate it at all. Flip that coin and just do the exercise. That’s why I love doing this one in the morning, because it gives me great motivation for the day.

With the holidays coming up, this is one of those circuits you’ll be happy to have in your back pocket. It’s easy to do anywhere and you’ll truly get a great workout in. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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