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It’s September! I can now safely ask “where has the year gone” without shame, but more importantly, I can check in on myself. The fall always goes by quickly, so now is the best time to review your fitness goals, check in, and make some new goals to help you through the end of the year! Let’s do it!

My fitness goals this year started with running and I’ve been crushing it. All year I’ve been on a consistent running kick, having ran over 4.5 miles daily and at least twice a week getting up to over 6.5 miles! Yoga was next on my list and I’ve gotten in at least two power yoga classes a week. Not bad, not bad at all. I’m feeling pretty great about my goals! But there is still room to expand, add in new workouts, and get in more yoga classes next year.




Midyear goals are super important to add in and this summer I decided to add more lifting workouts and interval training into my regime. So far I’d call these goals partially met. I’ve added a little bit of lifting and intervals, but it’s been something I’ve too easily dropped when my schedule got jammed. No more people! This fall I am going to keep myself on track with these goals by mapping out my workouts for the week and then sticking to them. I’m going to begin with two days a week of lifting and one day of interval training. This is in addition to keeping up with my running and yoga of course. Doing it! By the end of the year I want it to be second nature to do these workouts each week.

Yeah Kids! I know I can do it and you can too. I highly recommend using an app to map your progress with your workouts and workout goals. It creates a habit of exercise and recording your exercise, plus it’s amazing to see how hard you’ve worked all year! I use Myfitnesspal (records what I eat) and Mapmyrun (records what I workout). It’s a lot of fun to see your progress and it definitely keeps me on track!




After reviewing Mapmyrun for this year, it’s obvious I’m CRUSHING my running workouts. Talk about gratifying! I’ve run 1,082 miles so far this year as compared to 1,253 miles all of last year. Because I checked in on my progress, I can now use it to keep my distance going and run 1,400-1,500 miles this year! Make sure you set a new fitness goal to finish the year too; we all need one. As it gets closer to the holidays it can get more challenging to consistently exercise, so remember your goals and stick to them. I know I will be!

However you keep track of your fitness, keep it up! If you haven’t met your goals so far this year, don’t fret. Be happy with what you have accomplished and set a solid, reachable goal for the end of the year! Keep going and keep checking in. If you need someone to keep you accountable, the apps I mentioned have their own built in accountability, as well as challenges. No excuses people! If you have a friend or a significant other that can help keep you accountable, that’s always good too. My man and I always push one another to run and workout even when we don’t want to!

Keep up the good work! Embrace the goals you’ve accomplished so far this year and remember that fitness is on ongoing process. You need to be dedicated for a lifetime! Embrace how great you feel after a workout, check in, and then keep going.


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