Fitness Tips to Quit Self Sabotaging Your Workouts!

When it comes to working out, it’s about you. You’re the only person who can motivate you to be successful. You’re also the only one who can sabotage your workout! Quit self sabotaging with these five Fitness Tips.


It truly is easy to get yourself into a daily fitness routine. The funny part is, everyone thinks it’s so hard when it’s not. You just have to decide that you want to make a change in your life. Okay great! You’ve decided, so now you can implement our five fitness tips to get you to quit self sabotaging your workouts!

Let go of your mental barriers.This was a big one for me. I always had the best intentions of working out, but when I would set my alarm for 5:30/6:00 AM, half the time I would snooze. Most of the time I had a convenient excuse. I wasn’t sleeping well or I didn’t get to bed early enough. I’d made the point of setting my alarm the night before and it was silly to reset it. I wanted to be someone who went to the gym five days a week and there were some weeks I did it, but then I’d fall off! I had to let that go. I let that excuse go and when I did, I finally started to see real results in my workouts.

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Take it one day at a time. I’ve talked a lot about planning your workouts and I do think this is a great way to be consistent, especially if you haven’t been in the past. You need to go day by day. You’re going to be sore, especially in the beginning, so you will need more rest days than once you get past the beginner’s hump! That is totally okay, but make sure you remind yourself of that!

Drink lots of water!Water is my favorite drink. I drink so much water each day. It helps your body rejuvenate, it flushes your system out, and it makes you feel good! If your body is feeling good, you’re going to be more inclined to go workout. You’ll have so much more energy too, if you’re properly hydrated. There have been so many times I’ve felt off and it’s because I haven’t drunk enough water! I highly recommend bringing a water bottle with you everywhere. I absolutely love my S’well water bottle!

Switch up your workouts.You can be working out every day, but doing something that is not strenuous at all. You might even ask yourself why you’re not seeing results. You’ll inevitably get frustrated and stop working out. The solution is to always being switching it up. I find this is easy by adding in 30 day challenges. Each month I focus on a different area! I also make sure that I run different routes, that I strength train, and that I do yoga. You’ve got to have multiple exercises that you enjoy!


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Eat right!The more I got into my workouts, the less bad food I wanted to eat, but I know not everyone is like that. I did find that it was easy not to eat it when I stopped buying the bad food. It wasn’t in my pantry! If you don’t have sugary snacks in your cabinets, you’ll be less inclined to eat them. If you don’t have processed foods in your freezer and fridge, you won’t eat them! Remember to be honest with yourself. If you feel as though you need your favorite unhealthy snack, then ween yourself off of it! Don’t go cold turkey and don’t just decide one day to completely restock your pantry and fridge, especially if you think it’s going to be torture. Do it gradually!

It’s easy to quit self sabotaging your workouts. You just have to arm yourself with the right tools! Remember, it won’t happen over night. But if you do it gradually, you’ll have your dream fitness routine before you know it! Right down these fitness tips, memorize them, and then live them with a smile.



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