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It’s our Fit Pregnancy recap because we’re close to the wire! Our pregnancy update week 37 focuses on how to have a successful fit pregnancy. I’ve had two now and I’m so glad that I have!


It’s my pregnancy update week 37, and I can say that I’ve successfully had a fit pregnancy. It has been harder the second time around and that’s definitely because my life is so different this time. Let’s not forget that adding a child into the mix changes everything. Also, your body knows what’s coming this time. Make sure you check out my full fit pregnancy recap on our Mommy and Me channel.

I’ve said this before, but if you’re not pregnant then start working out now. The big rule of thumb with working out and pregnancy is that if you did it before you were pregnant, then you are okay to do it while you’re pregnant. Know too that if you’re having a high risk pregnancy or complications, then exercise will not be in the cards for you.

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Now that we got that warning out of the way, it’s time to dive into our fit pregnancy recap! I ran throughout my first pregnancy, but for this second one I was all about making adjustments in my workouts. I found from the beginning that I could feel this baby more, as well as the changes in my body. Again, this might be because it is my second pregnancy and my body went into preparation mode. Since I’m a runner, my adjustments really came down to slowing my speed. I also pushed a stroller for most of this pregnancy, so running faster was not an option for me.

Besides slowing down my runs, I consistently adjusted my distance. In the past few weeks I stopped running with my stroller. Honestly, even if you have to change from running to walking, that’s okay because staying physical is a godsend when you’re pregnant! Last week my sciatica really flared up on my left side, so I’ve been doing the elliptical since then. I’m glad I can still get my body moving, since it’s too painful to run.

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Whatever you do for your fit pregnancy, know that making it to your 9th month is amazing! I always credit the ease of my first pregnancy and delivery to the fact that I ran right up until the end. I kept true to who I am and I’ve found so much joy in being able to do it a second time.

If you’re on my journey, then you’re so close to being done! Being able to share with you my fit pregnancy recap is so great, because I did it again! Woo! Make sure you check out our full pregnancy update week 37 video and comment below with your own experiences.


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