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The last week of our Fit Mom New Years Fitness Challenge! It’s an awesome abs workout! This holiday fitness challenge ends the same way it started. It’s part of our BuzzChomp Vlog series.


This is our 8th and final week of our Fit Mom fitness Challenge. I’ve loved every week of this challenge and I loved how it started. I always love abs challenges and love this week.


Even if you didn’t do any of the other weeks this is a great week to accomplish. It’s only four ab exercises. That’s it and each day you do two sets of them. The key to these exercises is to do them slow. If you’ve been participating in this challenge the whole time then really take advantage of this final week. Do each exercise extra slow!

I love accomplishing a goal at the end of the year and our fit mom new years challenge gave you a goal to accomplish for both! That’s great and who doesn’t love that? My favorite day is Friday because you do all the exercises back to back! Don’t forget to do it twice. Trust me when I say come Saturday your abs will be sore!

Come back for more Fit Mom fitness challenges! Let us know how you liked our first Fit Mom New Years fitness challenge.

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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