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It’s our fit mom journey! Embrace a fitness challenge and push yourself. We have suggestions! Our Buzzchomp Fit Mom vlog series.


I love fitness challenges! I embrace a new fitness challenge every month! Most of the time they’re 30 days long, but the most recent one I tackled was 15 days. Time to get on board, so what are you waiting for? Fitness challenges have helped me stay focused with my workouts and feel great about myself every day.

I embraced a fitness challenge throughout my whole pregnancy, picking a new one every month. The accomplishment felt so great, and I was still working on a challenge right up until the day I gave birth. The night before I’d started a new one! I was back at it again shortly after giving birth, choosing a lower intensity challenge for my recovery. Embracing a fitness challenge helped me keep my fitness going, even when I was taking it easy!


If you’re new to challenges, they truly help you create a fitness habit! That is often times the hardest part of fitness. It’s starting and keeping with it, but challenges can also push you past your limits! That’s why I love to embrace a fitness challenge. There are so many awesome benefits!

Whether you’re new to fitness or not, embrace a fitness challenge. It always helps switch up my exercise from month to month. I just finished 15 days of 30 burpees and it was the best challenge I’ve done so far this year! It pushed me past my limits. It reminded me to always embrace a fitness challenge.

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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