Running Check In: First Quarter Of 2018 | Building Blocks for Success!

A quarter of the year is done and it’s time for my running check in! I’m reviewing my milestones and where to go in the next two months to set myself up for success over the first half of the year!


My Running Diary: May 9th, 2018

It’s my first quarter of the year running check in! Hopefully you’ve had a great year so far like I have. I’ve checked in on my running status every month and I’ve honestly loved doing so. It has kept me motivated to reach my milestones and kept me focused on running no matter what! Not only has checking in kept me focused, but it’s all let me put my running into present perspective. I look at what I’ve done, then step away and embrace moving forward.

Every month I’ve checked in on my status via the MapMyRun You vs the Year challenge and as of today I am in the top 2%, having run 771 km (479.6 miles) out of 1018 km for the year. There are 238 days left in the challenge, so I will definitely be finishing prior to the six month mark of the year! That’s a milestone that I know I’ll achieve by looking at my running stats from the first quarter of the year. I love this running check in! This challenge is also a favorite of mine and it’s my third year participating. I highly recommend it, as it’s a great way to review how much you’ve been running.

MORE RUNNING: Savor the Moments of Your Run

This past month I focused on running any day I could, especially after getting sick in March. I successfully did it! I focused on this because it always feels like I’m battling something with my baby. If it’s not her sleeping woes, it’s her waking up early, so I’ve embraced simply getting out for a run. It’s funny because even though I let myself just run whatever was possible, I did find myself running farther this month than I did the last month.

I’m inspired by my first quarter of the year running check in. In January I started out with a bang and I’d love to run as much as I ran in January this month. I ran over 130 miles in January, then in February over 120 miles, in March just under 100 miles, and in April almost 120 miles. I’d love to live at the 130 mile mark per month and this is a great milestone for me to set. It’s also extremely achievable, as long as I push myself to get up and out. Make sure you set achievable milestones for yourself too!


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The best part about April for me was when I did solo runs, I ran at the same pace I ran at prior to getting pregnant! I loved my pace then and it felt effortless to once again run like that. There were even a few runs with my husband and baby where we ran at that pace too. It’s a super confidence booster for me and my running pace to feel like this! The quicker I can run, the easier it is for me to run longer distances. I plan to add six miles in more frequently by pushing myself to run it in under an hour, as it’s harder to give too much longer than hour on a daily basis.

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I’m embracing this first quarter of the year check in and it all started by doing monthly check ins! I love that in April I got back to running more miles, after March being a difficult month to run. I didn’t let that sway my progress and I’m excited to finish off the MapmyRun You Vs. The Year challenge before mid year. I’m also looking forward to continuing to quicken my pace, as well as get more longer runs in.

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