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Father Christmas Is Back review is here and this movie is a hot mess farce! The tone of this film is all over place. The one tone that shines through is farce. It’s 100% a farce and in the end not a very good movie.


Father Christmas is Back review is all about how this film is a hot mess farce! I love Christmas movies and I appreciate all. The heartfelt, the comedies, the silly ones, but the main problem with Father Christmas Is Back is the tonal issues of this film. Make sure you check out our quick review of this film.

This film is packed with very good actors such as Elizabeth Hurley, Kelsey Grammar, and John Cleese to name a few. It is fun to watch all these actors on screen together especially since most of the story line is ridiculous.

The big thing about this movie is that at times it doesn’t know what it is. There is a scene in the beginning of the movie that tries to be suspenseful and it’s really the only scene that does this. That definitely adds to the tonal confusion of the film.

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I’m willing to give Christmas movies a big pass on many things. So many are predictable, loaded with the cheese, have plot holes, but it’s Christmas so we can forgive it! When your film is a farce you can totally get away with even more things, but Father Christmas is Back misses so many moments and throws so much at us that it was so bad I couldn’t help but laugh out of the sheer ridiculousness.

There are many story lines thrown at us that don’t completely make sense like the reason behind Father Christmas leaving his family all those years ago. But like so many Christmas movies before this film it resolves its family problems and has a happy ending. Will I watch this movie again? Probably not. Will you enjoy this movie? Maybe because it is such a hot mess!

Father Christmas Is Back is hot mess! It is not destined to be a Christmas movie classic, but if you like bad movies then this movie is for you. Share with your thoughts on this movie!

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