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Even though summer isn’t technically over, at least not in Los Angeles, now is the perfect time for your fall running check in. Reorganize yourself for the last quarter of the year and make September your b*tch. This is My Running Diary.


My Running Diary: September 5th, 2018

This summer I committed myself to running. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always committed to running, but sometimes I run a little less or I’m not as dedicated. Since I ended breastfeeding right before the start of the summer, I was able to get myself on more of a schedule. I also knew that the month of August would be a very adventurous month for me and my family, with a lot of travel and changing climates. That meant I wouldn’t be running as much, so I buckled down and committed myself in advance.

As we take our fall running check in, its important to celebrate every little thing we accomplished. Looking back on the summer, I ran stellar in June and July, while running as much as possible in August. I ran so much during those first two summer months, which was a big goal of mine heading into the summer. Mission accomplished! I knew that I could freely run a lot in June and July, so I took full advantage. That has given me such motivation for September!

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I did not run as much in August, probably the least I’ve run all year long. Honestly, I’m okay with it because I definitely was very sore in August. I also traveled all over, took some vacation, and got runs in when I saw fit! I never went longer than two days without running and I always embraced any run that I could get. That too is a major success!

Having two of the three summer months where I killed it is awesome! Focus on when you killed it, using your own lifestyle as a barometer. Then for fall running, set a comparable goal to once again be awesome! I’ll be in Los Angeles for the fall months, barring something that pops up, which means there is no reason why I can’t recreate my June/July miles during September and through the end of the year. That’s really what I’m focusing on and why I needed this fall running check in.


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In order for me to reach my June/July miles, I need to shift my focus. In August I was perfectly okay with running when I could. I made sure that I didn’t take any days off when I was in Los Angeles, but let myself relax during my travels. Most of my days off were travel days and days when I just needed to rest. Now that I’m back in Los Angeles, it will be easy to shift my focus back to fitness.

I’m already craving adding back in some nice long runs. Summer isn’t really ending for us here in Los Angeles, which means it will still be beautiful weather for running. Even if you’re not in a climate like Los Angeles, you can still take advantage of the changing season to go for some nice long runs. Use the cooler weather as a motivation to sweat!

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I frequently check my progress on Mapmyrun and I highly recommend you do the same. Whatever tracking you use for your runs, now really is ideal for review. I don’t usually check out my week by week progress anymore, because I’m now able to maintain my consistency. But if you’re working on consistency, then I highly recommend weekly checks for at least a month or two, celebrating your weekly running feats as you go!

The fall is a perfect time to recommit yourself to running. I’m ready to run this fall and run a lot! I had a lot of fun this summer, but now it’s time to run run run! Fall running means checking in and recommitting yourself to running.


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