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Prior to having a baby I would try new workouts all the time, but since Maddi was born I shifted my focus to running and home workouts. Rise Nation changed that, because I knew I had to try this awesome new workout class. A friend asked me if I wanted to try Rise Nation, so I said yes! They do an awesome intro special of $40 for 4 classes, so I jumped at the opportunity to give it a try.

I’d heard of Rise Nation as part of the workout that got Alison Brie super fit for her TV show ‘Glow.’ That was a big draw in me saying yes, because she looks amazing on the show. The workout is low impact, but high intensity. You use the Versaclimber, which is similar to a stair master or elliptical, but much different.

Rise Nation classes are only 30 minutes. Yes, they are that quick and you get an amazing working during that time. There are three levels and I’ve taken level 1 and 2 classes. Level 1 really preps you for level 2, but level 2 is much quicker. The workout was created by Jason Walsh, who teaches the level 3 class, as well as trains clients under Rise Movement. Not only did he help Alison Brie get fit for ‘Glow,’ but he’s trained Matt Damon, John Krasinski and many more!

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If you live in Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Cleveland, or coming soon to Australia, then there is no reason not to try Rise Nation. It’s a really great workout and even though its intense, afterwards I didn’t feel completely drained or too sore. I felt the right amount of sore and definitely craved taking the class again!

Have you tried Rise Nation? Check our full video review and try it out, especially if you’re on a Fit Mom fitness journey like me!

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