Embracing Workouts on Vacation

I’ve talked about vacation workouts and my love for exercise while on vacation before here. It keeps me sane, I don’t ever feel guilty about indulging, and it’s fun because I’m on vacation! Workouts should be fun, and on vacation there’s no pressure, so enjoy it. A lot of people think I’m crazy for wanting to exercise on vacation, but trust me, embracing workouts on vacation is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Last week I was fortunate to be vacationing in Kauai, Hawaii. What an amazing island! Prior to my visit I planned out some workouts, with a few simple goals in mind. We stayed at a condo, so popping into a gym wasn’t an option, but I was in Hawaii and who wants to run on a treadmill when the ocean is right there. I stayed in Poipu beach and was legit across from the beach. My go to workout was of course running, with some nice scenic routes for inspiration!


My first workout was an amazing scenic route around Poipu beach. I found out pretty quickly that the beach itself wasn’t the best spot to run. It got very rocky in spots, but then I discovered an awesome path along the beach and through the various resorts. On our first full day in Hawaii I ended up running an amazing five mile loop. What was awesome were all the pictures my man took. We got to take in the sights and exercise. Who cares if you stop for a photo? Its vacation, so enjoy yourself. When you’re in an area like I was, where you can run and explore, make sure you do it! Goal number one was accomplished.


Vacationing in Hawaii not only lends itself to some amazing runs, but also incredible hikes! I love to hike and love exploring new areas, and Kauai has tons of trails! On our first day we hiked the Waimea Canyon. We read about some super awesome views and set out to find them. Waimea is known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” and it was definitely that. We followed a trail that ended up being closed, but were still able to find the “great views” of the canyon. Simply incredible, and worth every bit of the three hours, and over seven miles, we hiked round trip. At the end of the day I was a bit worn from our adventure, and had gotten a second killer workout in! Goal number two was done.


The adventure workout is my FAVORITE workout to embrace on vacation. I only set the two goals, and ensure this is one of them. Vacationing in a place that gives you the opportunity to get outside and be on the move is such an easy vacation to exercise on, and have fun doing it. On my Hawaiian vacation we were able to get in two long hikes and four scenic runs. We hiked the very steep and muddy “Sleeping Giant Mountain” in Kapaa as well. It was such a different hike than Waimea Canyon, but just as awesome. There was one way in and one way out, so we completely knew our path. It was a lot of uphill, and another great workout.


One of the best vacation workouts is the unexpected one. Hello, swimming in the ocean. On any tropical vacation, swimming in the ocean is a given, but it’s easy to forget that it’s also a great workout. Where I swam in Poipu beach, the undertow was intense due to a storm, so I definitely could feel my effort. It kept sucking me out and I kept fighting my way back in. But even if the waves feel easy, you’re definitely getting in some solid exercise.


The best way to embrace a vacation workout is to first be open to it! If you like to walk, then get out there and walk every morning. Explore the place you’re staying. If you run, then don’t stop on your vacation. If you’re staying in a city, rent a bike and tour around. I love having a good old adventure, and you will too!

Embracing workouts on vacation is taking your fitness to the next level! It’s making sure you stick with your habits, but also ensuring you switch up your exercise. On my Hawaiian adventure I was definitely sore going home. To me, that is a great way to end a vacation!



Mandi Mellen is Lead Editor, Staff Writer, and Featured Vlogger at BuzzChomp. She’s an actress, writer, and producer. Get lost in her youtube comedy channel PillowTalk TV. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Instagram



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