Embrace the New Year!

2013 was a wonderful year for us! We had a lot of big milestones.  We got married.  We did a commercial with Justin Timberlake.  We reached our fitness and health goals.  We worked a lot and had a TON of fun! Solid year 2013, you did us proud! With all that said, I’m so looking forward to the New Year.  2014 has great promise, and we plan on starting this year just like we started 2013.  No resolutions baby!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, resolutions are for chumps! Chumps I said!  This coming year I have more goals to set for myself, and just like this past year I’ll put together a nice list of goals and accomplishments, giving credit where it’s due. I’ll set myself on a nice solid path and not get sucked into the resolutions game!

Let me be clear here, if resolutions work for you then by all means go ahead, do what works.  In my opinion, I find resolutions to be a fad and an empty promise.  Just go look at the gym on January 2nd.  It’s extremely busy and there are lots of people that you don’t recognize.  By February 1st, Valentines Day at the latest, the gym is back to the normal flow.  It’s a shame really that all those people let their resolutions go by the wayside.  I want people to be better about it, I really do.  But simply resolving to do something isn’t good enough. I find having a solid list of achievable goals helps you be more accountable for what you want, but also keeps you on track to realistic success.

Besides having goals for the New Year, I’ll also set an intention for the year.  I haven’t ever formally done this, but I do this before every yoga class I take and it’s time to expand things.  I find when I set my intention before hand; I definitely have a fabulous class! So since 2013 was such a wonderful year, our intention for 2014 is to embrace being grateful all year round! Life is a gift and everyone needs to embrace the miracle of life.  We think, we feel, we breathe, we live, we love, we have new experiences, and the list is endless! Be grateful for all those experiences.  I know I am and will continue to be!

With the dawn of 2014, the New Year brings so many wonderful and endless possibilities. Embrace them all! Set your intention.  Make your list of goals! Keep yourself accountable.  Trust me when I say, give way to the resolution.  Be happy.  Be free! Happy New Year!

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  1. masodo

    January 1, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    Happy New Year Mandy! To you and the entire BuzzChomp family. I always enjoy your up-beat and positive outlook and look forward to another year of “World” – Cheers!

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