How to Eat Healthy: Stir Fry Edition

How to eat healthy, stir fry edition. This is not a question, but rather my way of helping you realize that eating healthy is easy, fun, and always delicious!


How to eat healthy should not be a question and it shouldn’t even be a how to. Change your mindset and realize that it is extremely easy to eat healthy. Arm yourself with the right tools, then go eat healthy. That’s why we love stir fry, so this guide is all about kicking it up a notch.

You can use frozen veggies! My mom used to make stir fry and it was one of my favorite meals that she had in her arsenal. She used frozen Asian style vegetables. She’d do them up in her wok and then serve them over noodles with soy sauce. It always seemed so easy to me, watching her make this meal. It was a healthy and quick meal. I used to make my own with frozen veggies, but I now make it with fresh vegetables!

Be creative with your ingredients. I love throwing in random veggies to my stir fry. In my most recent dish I used zucchini. I had leftover zucchini from the farmer’s market and I needed to use it up. The zucchini really made the meal and it still fit in with the Asian feel of the dish. I used broccoli, mushrooms, and tofu in the dish too!

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Use rice as your base. I don’t eat rice all that often, but I do love it. I’m a big fan of making a big pot of brown rice and freezing the rest. This makes it easy to decide on a whim that I want to stir fry and that I want to make it with stir fried brown rice! My favorite way to do this is to defrost the brown rice and once the veggies are stir fried, add it to my skillet or wok. This way all of the flavors of the veggies get completely mixed in with the rice. The rice also gets crispy.

Try ginger as your main seasoning. I rarely use ginger in my savory dishes and I’m not sure why, because it is amazing! Normally for my stir fry I stay safe and use Chinese Five Spice, soy sauce, and Saracha sauce. But recently I remembered that ginger is used in a lot of Chinese and Thai dishes! It was amazing! It gave the stir fry a pop of flavor! I can’t believe I never added ginger before.


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Add a protein. I love all the veggies in stir fry, but it’s nice to make it a bit heartier and adding a protein does just that! This can be in the form of meat if you’re a meat eater, like chicken or fish. Personally, I love adding in tofu. I’ve also been on a jackfruit kick and that is perfect for stir fry. Whatever your fancy, a protein enhances the stir fry.

Don’t be afraid to go carb free. Noodles and rice are great, but you don’t need them, especially if you go heavy on the veggies. You can add carrots and zucchini and make them into veggie noodles. I love that! It also gives the stir fry a different dynamic.

Try adding an egg. For all you non vegans out there, adding a scrambled egg to a stir fry is amazing! So many Chinese and Thai dishes add an egg to them. It’s not a lot of egg. Just a little bit to get the texture and taste. It always brightens up a dish! I started doing this a year or so ago and it always makes the dish even better!


How to eat healthy is not difficult. Stir fry is a great healthy dish to add to your arsenal of dinners. It’s quick and delicious. You can really make this dish your own. I love that, because I find that most nights for dinner, I don’t want to have to use a recipe. I want to just go and create a healthy and delicious meal. Stir fry is just that!



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