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Pretty Little Liars season 7 has definitely heated up! We finally found out who the liars were burying in the season opener! Who dies next?

Well we all know by now that Elliott Rollins is dead! Hanna hit him with her car. Did she try to slow down? No she did not. This is the first time that one of the girls has really killed someone! What does this mean now for Hanna? She definitely is now no better than any of the other A’s we’ve come in contact with!

Now that Hanna has killed Elliott, Ali is free! How is this going to work out for her? Does she know Elliott was in love with CeCe and playing her? She’s going to find out.

Hanna killing Elliott is going to making the show more interesting now.

Do you think this is foreshadowing another death? It could be!

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1 Comment

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