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Diablo is the best Action RPG ever and its 20 years old! Thank you Blizzard for unleashing it on the world in a flurry of blood, skeletons, and magical spells. I was partial to the Mage, but of course the Warrior and Rogue were bad ass too. It’s the Diablo 20th Anniversary!

Every dungeon level on the way to Hell was unique and different every time you played it. Then you face off with Diablo, one of the hardest boss battles ever. To defeat him you must become him. No joke.

Let me know your favorite Diablo memories. Then tell me what game to play next. I’ll review it, make fun of it, or praise it. Depends on whether it’s any good.

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Diablo Credits: Blizzard Entertainment – We do not own the rights to game images or gameplay in this video blog.

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