December is the new January for New Year’s Resolutions!

You’ve already began mapping out your New Year’s resolutions, so why wait until January to start? Now is the perfect time to set your resolutions in motion and actually begin accomplishing them. Do you really have to wait until the New Year? Today is the perfect time kids. December is the new January!

It’s easy to prepare ourselves for new goals and new activities, but setting those goals and picking new activities is merely step one. The hard part is starting and accomplishing them, made even harder by the start of a new year. Now is the perfect time to begin, before the hustle of the holidays sweeps you away. Switch it up for yourself and kickstart your resolutions. What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing! Instead of telling yourself what your resolutions will be later, you’re ALREADY implementing them. Score!


I always feel slightly guilty around the holidays. I tell myself it’s the time of year when it’s okay to eat cookies, cake, and dessert every night. But it’s not something I’m comfortable with, and it’s the opposite of how I live year round. In the past I’ve bottled up that guilty feeling, shoving it into a New Year’s resolution. This year that’s not going to happen! Don’t get me wrong, I will still indulge a bit, but I’m sticking to my plan of clean eating with little to no sugar. That goal isn’t going anywhere and I’ll be able to truly enjoy a dessert, knowing it’s a special treat. It makes no sense to just throw away a year’s worth of hard work and healthy living, so be very specific about what you indulge in this year. Make those treats special and you’ll feel special too!

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I used to let my fitness go during the holidays, telling myself it was time to relax. I’d be back at it after Christmas. But combining that with bad eating habits was a kiss of death. I’m now taking my New Year’s resolution of fitness and starting today! It’s the perfect time to step up the gym! Its empty kids. Everyone else is slacking off. They stopped hitting up the gym around Thanksgiving, and won’t be back until the New Year. Be one step ahead and join me. Tons of workout studios and gyms are doing specials this month! Give yourself the freedom to workout in December. It will keep you motivated and energized through the hustle and bustle, and jumpstart your fitness goals for January. Check out my Motivational Monday video blog from this week, discussing how this motivation can work for you!


One of my goals this month is to run a minimum of 80 miles. Not only will this jumpstart my running for 2016, but I’ll reach my 2015 goal of running 1,500 miles for the year! No matter how cold it is on the east coast this Christmas, I’ll be running. For those two weeks I’m braving the elements, or finding an indoor alternative. I’m already halfway to my goal, and plan to blow right by it. Maybe I can even get to 1,600 miles for the year!

The thing I love most about making December my new January is how amazing the end/beginning of the year already feels! We all create too many uphill battles in our lives. No more! Why wait until January for something you can start today? New Year’s resolutions are meant to inspire and excite, so embrace those good feelings as early as possible. You’ll wonder why you haven’t done this before, and feel amazing going into the New Year. With goals already accomplished and momentum on your side, you can ride that high. Make December your new January!



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