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Dear Mattie Show Podcast: Ep45 Dr. Rick Grant-Coons


It’s an all new Dear Mattie Show Podcast this week, with the amazing Dr. Rick Grant-Coons. A real psychologist means really awesome conversation.

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Dear Mattie Show episode 45:
Dr. Rick Grant-Coons

He’s handsome. He’s smart. HE’S A DOCTOR! Mattie sits down with Dr. Rick Grant-Coons, Clinical Psychologist.



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I met Rick Coons (now Rick Grant-Coons) during my Masters program. We hit it off like glitter on a fairy wand. He’s a good ol’ Southern boy with a sweet heart, and the smarts to back it up.

Questions include: (1) I’m in a gay relationship and now my boyfriend wants to get gay married and I don’t. (2) I want to follow my dreams but can’t make the leap. How do I do it? (3) How do I end a friendship without being an asshole?

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The entire Dear Mattie Show podcast can be found here:


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1 Comment

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