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Dear Mattie Show Podcast: Ep36 Clayton Farris


This week’s episode of The Dear Mattie Show podcast features a Vine star! Enjoy Matt’s interview with Clayton Farris.

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Dear Mattie Show episode 36: Clayton Farris

It’s a college reunion of sorts! Matt interviews Clayton Farris, a successful actor and just a great, smart guy.


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The last time I hung out with Clayton I’m pretty sure we were drunk at a cast party after a musical production in college. Then one day I saw him in the streets of LA, and we re-connected and low and behold I got him on the show. Warning: He’s way smarter than me, and I’m pretty sure he gives me a run for my therapist money! Fun show with some deep thoughts, but without Jack Handy. (Get it? Get it?) Questions include: Do I like this guy or not? What’s your favorite dance move at weddings? My boss is an alcoholic, should I tell him?

Oh yeah, Clayton is a Vine star…like for real. He’s funny y’all. Find him there, on twitter, and on Instagram: @ClaytonFarris



The entire Dear Mattie Show podcast can be found here:


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1 Comment

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