Day 28: No Added Sugar 30 Day Challenge (Video Blog)


Day 28: No Added Sugar 30 Day Challenge!

Having a party but worried about what to make? Don’t worry kids. We stuck to the no sugar challenge even when we had our Super Bowl Party!

It’s super easy to make delicious treats without adding any SUGAR! Salsa is always our go to dip! Homemade and even some store bought Guacamole’s are perfect! Try our sweet potato nachos too! They won’t disappoint!

Whether you’re gearing up for St Patrick’s Day or a birthday you can still have a party and eat delicious “sinful” treats!

Comment below with ant questions. Come back tomorrow for Day 29!

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Come back TOMORROW for Day 29!
Photo credits to http://www.fatloss101.net/ & http://www.fritolay.com/

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1 Comment

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