Day 2: No Added Sugar 30 Day Challenge (Video Blog)


Day of my No Added Sugar 30 Day Challenge.

Day 2 is all about snacking. I can’t eat some of my normal snacks. Goodbye Nature Valley’s Granola Bar too much sugar.

Bring on homemade snacks! I made my own banana chips! Super easy and yummy. Slice at least two banana’s up thin, the riper the better, and put them on a sprayed pan. Set your oven for 250 degrees and check on those bad boys after 30 -40 minutes and flip them. Set it for another 30 minutes. They should be good and done. Take them out and transfer them to a drying wrack.

Then enjoy those bad boys on the go or added to your own trail mix!

Comment below with any questions! Come back tomorrow for Day 3!




Come back TOMORROW for Day 3!
Photo credits to http://blog.lifespanfitness.com.au/


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1 Comment

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