Day 16: No Added Sugar 30 Day Challenge (Video Blog)


Day 16: No Added Sugar 30 Day Challenge!

Today I’m making homemade granola bars! I love protein, cereal, and granola bars. Let’s face it though they’re SUPER high in sugar. My favorite are Nature’s Valley Granola Bars but one package has two bars and twelve grams of sugar!

These bars are super fun to make and you can really add any nuts or extra fruit to them. Check out the recipe here! If you want to make more DOUBLE the recipe and if you’re not going to eat them right away freeze them.

Comment below with any questions. Come back tomorrow for Day 17!

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Come back TOMORROW for Day 17!
Photo credits to http://www.fatloss101.net/ & https://greenbootliving1.files.wordpress.com

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1 Comment

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