Creating your own Fitness Challenge!

All of my fans know by now that I love 30 Day Fitness Challenges. I always take them on with my man, and we do them together and push one another. After finishing our most recent core challenge, he needed to take a short break from exercising so I decided to create my own 7 day fitness challenge! It was a great decision. I took this incredible Lara Croft circuit and created a daily challenge that lasted 7 days. Boy oh boy was it intense!

I discovered the Lara Croft circuit a month ago on Pinterest, and knew from its name that it was going to rock. The circuit is nine exercises in a set, and you do anywhere from 3 to 7 sets per workout. I thought it would be cool add it into my regular exercise routine, and the first time I did it I was sore in places I’d forgotten existed. I did three rounds which is the “easy” workout, but honestly, it was not easy.


The workout

The best part of the Lara Croft workout is that you can do it ANYWHERE. It works your whole body and you only need a little space to move. It has lunges, sidekicks, squats, mountain climbers, punches, push-ups, half burpees, side plank raises, and flutter kicks. It should be intense, and the key to this workout is to keep your pace up. You can rest between rounds, but stick to the recommended two minutes. That way you maximize the cardio benefits.

I created my Fitness Challenge using the Lara Croft workout, and started off doing three sets on days one, two, and three. This way my body got used to the exercises. On days four and five I upped the intensity with four sets of the workout. Finally, on days six and seven, I did five sets of Lara Croft. I’m still amazed how fatigued I was after doing just three sets, let alone five straight sets! I could legit do this circuit every day, and after seven days I’m still craving more. I love the dichotomy of the exercises, and no matter how sore I got, I still loved it.


After a year of doing traditional 30 day challenges, it was great to shake it up and create my own 7 day fitness challenge. My favorite part was the success and determination I felt, accomplishing something of my own creation. Even though I love 30 day challenges, they’re pre-planned out. This one felt like even more of a challenge, because I’d set the ground rules, challenging myself with seven days of this circuit. I was always drenched in sweat after my final set of the day, but I felt invigorated and loved my accomplishment.

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Creating your own fitness challenge switches it up for both your mind and body! It pushes your boundaries, which I love and highly recommend. Plus, this Lara Croft workout is amazing! It’s perfect for seven days, or to expand out over a full thirty days. Both this workout and my challenge will make you feel like you can conquer the world!



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