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Counterpart Season 1 packed in so much Sci-fi conspiracy that you need these cliff notes! This is the full season one recap, short form with theory. Everyone has their counterpart.


Counterpart Season 1 was an incredibly wild ride that kept asking more questions than it ever answered. The conspiracy unraveled and then blew up in our faces, which made for one amazing science fiction season of Counterpart! These are your cliff notes, the complete Counterpart Season 1 recap, abridged version.

Your episode by episode breakdown of what actually happened, what we think we know, and how both Howard Silk’s dealt with the mayhem. Counterpart Season 1 was unforgettable.

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The biggest theme from season one was of duality, complimenting the name of the show to perfection. Everyone is good and bad, black and white, happy and sad. No one is immune from this duality. Everything and everyone is grey. The conspiracy is no different, making this one of the best shows this year!

We love Counterpart! Season one was a mind trip that we’ll never forget. Can anyone remain true to themselves? Is Howard Silk still the hero of this story?

I’ll be doing videos each week as this show unfolds on STARZ, so make sure you’re subscribed. Science Fiction is great, but when it meets reality it’s even better! What will happen next season? We can’t wait to watch as the truth is revealed!

Counterpart TV Series is blowing my mind! There’s no limit to the insane story lines of this show, so we will discuss them all. BuzzChomp TV.

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