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Counterpart episode one was pretty mind blowing, but the number of open questions is even crazier. This amazing new science fiction tv show is about to get wild. Everyone has their counterpart.


The first episode of Counterpart was bad ass, but now I have SO MANY questions! What is so special about comatose Emily? Is other side Emily actually evil Emily and is she fake dead? Why did Howard lie about evil Emily? Is the assassin from our side or the other side and how come our side trusts the other Howard so much?

Those are just a few of the litany of questions flowing forth from Counterpart. This sci-fi show is on another level, blending the multi universe theory with straight up spy and conspiracy confusion. I love it! More Counterpart now please!

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I’ll be doing videos each week as this show unfolds on STARZ, so make sure you’re subscribed. Science Fiction is great, but when it meets reality it’s even better!

Howard confronts himself when no one else gets to, so what’s the end game for the other side? Does everyone have their other, and is anyone the same person? Which side is the good side? We have no idea, but can’t wait to watch and find out!

Counterpart TV Series is blowing my mind! There’s no limit to the insane story lines of this show, so we will discuss them all. BuzzChomp TV.

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