Conan O’Brien Will be Made in Mexico and We’re Giddy

In his latest venture out of the country, Conan O’Brien will be making an episode in Mexico. His latest TV remote, known simply as ‘Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico,’ has us giddy. 

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Maybe Conan O’Brien is finally acknowledging his future. Or maybe he’s just doing this for fun and to stick it to Donald Trump. Either way, O’Brien, Andy Richter and perhaps literally nobody else are traveling to Mexico to film an episode of Conan entitled Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico. The show will use a rented-out Mexican studio, be filmed using an entirely Mexican crew, Mexican audience, and Mexican guests. Other than the host and his sidekick, Made in Mexico will be entirely that.

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It is an obvious dig at Trump and his beliefs that America and its people should be closed off from Mexico entirely to keep the rapists and murderers out. It is also the latest, and perhaps loftiest, move Conan O’Brien has made into another country and new culture.


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Conan traveled to Germany and South Korea last year for different remote segments, among other locales. He has gone all over the world during the history of his late-night talk show. The thing that always stands out from these ventures is how damn good O’Brien is in these spots. He really should just scrap the talk show and create a travel show. Maybe this trip to Mexico is the first step towards that.

Conan O’Brien said in jest that if Made in Mexico gels, they might stay there permanently. Every joke contains just a bit of truth. So why can’t Conan be a taller, funnier version of Anthony Bourdain?

Bourdain is 6’4″ you say? Okay, well not taller then.

Bourdain is a funny son of a bitch you say? Okay, well not necessarily funnier either then.

Why can’t Conan O’Brien be Anthony Bourdain with less eating?

I am sure Conan Without Borders, set to air March 1st on TBS, is going to be great. I cannot remember a single remote where Conan was not good. Not only does he seem perfectly comfortable in such settings, but he also feels special, unlike in the world of late-night shows. With rumbling of changes coming for the show, TBS has already allowed O’Brien to create a new show off of his “Clueless Gamer” segments. Why not off of his travel remotes, which are infinitely better forms of entertainment?



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