3 Common Workout Mistakes to Avoid at Home

common workout mistakes

Getting fit is not enough, because we know you want to stay fit and keep feeling great. Avoiding these three common workout mistakes is the key to your longterm success!

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Getting in shape is a tremendous goal, one that you can achieve simply by working out at home. Just keep in mind that there are several common workout mistakes that must be avoided. Three in particular stand out and if you successfully avoid them, then you’ll be more likely to get fit and stay fit for the long haul.

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We’ve explored how to easily start your home workouts, as well as the best strength training exercises for home. We even addressed how to start building your home gym. But the key ingredient to exercise, especially at home, is consistency. A thick workout mat is highly recommended, along with getting the right supportive footwear for your workouts. But ultimately you need to stay motivated and be consistent, while learning to prevent these three common workout mistakes.


3 Common Workout Mistakes


1. Failing to Practice Good Form

It’s easy to assume that working out for long periods of time will boost your odds of getting in shape fast. However, while that may be true if you practice good form, the opposite is true if you do not. If you workout for an hour or more without paying attention to the quality of your exercise, then your progress will be slow and you may cause injury.

Consider the example of running in place. When running at the gym, track, or around your neighborhood is not an option, then running in place is an excellent alternative. It still helps you burn a surprising amount of calories. That said, you need to maintain the same form you would have when running in a more traditional setting. You also need to ratchet up the intensity. Merely plodding along while paying more attention to the TV than your workout won’t get you very far. Form is key to a successful workout.



2. Choosing the Wrong Routine

Different workout routines offer different benefits. For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health, then running in place may suffice. On the other hand, if you want to build muscle then you’ll need to focus on resistance exercises and strength training.

Workout Tip: If you don’t have access to gym equipment, bodyweight exercises are an effective substitute for lifting weights.

You also need to account for your own physical condition. Learn what your body needs and be honest with yourself about your limits. Working out properly will help you improve physical limitations, but you still need to consider your existing limitations. Some may make a certain exercise a poor choice right now. For instance, if your joints are very weak, you should probably focus on a low-impact form of exercise, such as yoga. Avoid higher impact exercises like burpees.

3. Failing to Eat Right

Achieving your fitness goals doesn’t merely involve working out. To truly get healthy and stay healthy, it’s just as important to implement and stick to a nutritious diet. Start small and once again know your limits. Going cold turkey never works.

This may sound like common sense. However, many people’s diets actually worsen when they start working out. They believe that exercising more gives them an excuse to indulge in more snacks and drinks. Don’t sabotage yourself by making that mistake. Keep eating the same, even if you feel hungrier, in order to shed weight and build muscle. Focus on more natural foods that make you feel good after the meal, not just while you eat it.


Let go of your traditional mindset and any skepticism you may have about the benefits of working out from home. It doesn’t matter where your exercise, as long as you do so consistently and with an intensity that’s right for you. People managed to get in great shape for millennia before fitness clubs were widespread. That’s proof that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to get into the best shape of your own life, as long as you avoid these common workout mistakes.


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