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Cleanse Your Life: January Buyer’s Guide Must Have Items


Everyone makes resolutions this time of year, but you need to have a plan to put them in action! Arm yourself with our must have items and accomplish those goals. This January, use our Buyer’s Guide to cleanse your life.

We have five items that will cleanse the most important parts of your life: your face, your body, your home, the cold, and your kitchen. You won’t break the bank on any of these, but we do have two splurge items for you! We all need to prioritize and splurge every now and again!

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Every month is different, and we all need help to survive.

It’s time for our January Buyer’s Guide! Cleanse your life and start your year off strong!


Origins Never a Dull Moment (Face Cleanse) $39.99

SPLURGE: Cleanse your face. The best thing I’ve done for my face over the years is WASH IT! I wash my face before I go to bed, when I wake up, and when I’m in the shower. My mother always stressed the importance of cleansing your face. People always ask me what I do for my skin, and besides a good moisturizing regimen, I’ve always washed it! This product is expensive, but is WORTH it. I only use it in the shower and you just use a little bit. A little goes a long way and the bottle lasts three to six months easily.


Breville Juicer (Body Cleanse) $149.99

STEAL: Cleanse your body. Everyone raves about those super expensive juicers, but this Breville Juicer is AWESOME! It’s a steal. Trust me, you don’t want to buy a super cheap juicer, but you don’t have to break the bank either! I love my juicer and adding in some solid “no added sugar” juices to your diet as snacks is perfect. Nice fresh juice is amazing and will fuel your 2016!


Black and Decker Hand Vacuum (Home Cleanse) $22.80

STEAL: Cleanse your home. How amazing is it to enter the new year with a clean home? I love it when my house is super clean! I’ve had one of these bad boys for years and it is a go to of mine. It keeps your home clean in between those deep cleaning sessions. This little bad boy will be your best friend!


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Tahari Faux Fur Throw (Cold Cleanse) $138.00

SPLURGE/STEAL: Cleanse the cold. I have one of these babies and it is divine. It is a steal and a splurge because generally over one hundred dollars is a lot for a throw, BUT this is faux fur and it feels like real fur. This will be your go to blanket on your bed, or on the couch to keep warm!


Fox Run Square Pot Rack (Kitchen Cleanse) $25.82

STEAL: Cleanse your kitchen. I love to organize myself. Even if it’s not your thing, trust me, once you get started you’ll love it! I always find that organizing my home helps me organize my life! It’s also a great way to see if you really use all the stuff you own. If you don’t, then you can give it away or chuck it.



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