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Fashion Revival: Faux Fur Jackets

Faux Fur Jackets rule kids! This is an awesome Fashion Revival that is definitely coming back in style!

I’ve always had fur jackets, but I don’t do real fur anymore. I haven’t in years. Faux fur is my favorite and I’m so glad these jackets are back in style. I need one RIGHT NOW! A part of me just wants to be obnoxious and wear an all white or pink jacket. How awesome would that be?

If a full jacket isn’t your thing, then just a faux fur hood or inner lining to a jacket is equally as fabulous ladies! We all need a little faux fur in our life, so rock that anyway you can

Let’s not have this fashion trend go out of style again! Faux Fur Jackets for life!

Mandi loves a throwback and she loves Vlogging:
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Happy #TBT! I love faux fur jackets!
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1 Comment

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