Celebrate Your Running Success! One Big One a Year

It’s super important to celebrate your running success! I make sure to have one big success a year. Last year I joined Mapmyrun/Under Armour’s ‘You vs The Year’ challenge, and I knew it was my kind of running challenge! I made this my running success once again!


Diary of a Running Chick: August 14th, 2017

I successfully completed last year’s ‘You vs. Year’ running challenge of 1,000 km by Memorial Day weekend. It was the end of May and I felt amazing. I finished in the top 1% and totally celebrated my running success. Originally I wasn’t sure I’d make it so quickly, but it is only a little over 600 miles. I completed the challenge twice last year and knew I was going to take it on again in 2017.

This year, despite being very pregnant and due in early April, I joined the ‘You vs The Year’ running challenge once again. Run 1,017 km by December 31st 2017. No problem, so I happily joined. The only difference was that I was six months pregnant in January. My plan, which I accomplished, was to run right up until the day I gave birth. That was a success and the first celebration of my running success this year! I took a month off after giving birth and then got back to it, finishing the ‘You vs The Year’ challenge last week in the top 3%! WOO! Another running success to celebrate.

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It is super important that you decide how to celebrate your run success. That’s where setting realistic goals comes in. It’s hard to just decide on the spot, I’m going to go run a marathon in a few months. If you’re in good shape, you can probably master that goal. But even if you are in good shape, you might not be able to handle a marathon just yet. Setting intermittent goals is essential to celebrate your running success!

When I first started running, I celebrated how many miles I ran a week, a month, every six months, and a year period. I loved doing that. It was a great way to celebrate my run success. It also gave me goals to work for, but I also tracked when I needed to step up my running and when it was okay to step back. I was truly able to see when I needed to give my body a rest, so I didn’t burn out.


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There are simple ways to celebrate your run success. A favorite of mine is keeping track of how many days in a row I’ve run. At first it was great to run two days on and take a day off. I loved that. It really helped me gain consistency with my runs. I then worked my way up to running seven days straight. I loved this challenge because it’s a lot harder than you think. You need variety and flexibility with your routes and time of day you run.

There’s a myriad of ways to celebrate your run success, but there is no reason why you can’t do it multiple times throughout the year. I’ve already had three successes in a little over seven months of this year. It truly is exciting and it makes me feel great about myself. That seeps into all aspects of my life. It’s a feeling that I work to duplicate daily!

I’m already working toward completing the running challenge again this year! Since I’m done being pregnant and recouping from pregnancy, it gives me a leg up on the first six months of the year. Time to go out there and make this happen, so I can celebrate my running success! You will too!



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