Bring on the soreness!

I can vividly remember the way I felt after double sessions, back to back practices, playing field hockey in high school. Whoa! Summers in Boston were of course brutal by the end of August. We’re talking low 90’s with the humidity running high. And no matter how much I worked out during the early summer, I knew after five straight days of double sessions my body was going to be so sore! The same thing would happen again during spring track. After the first week of running my legs were so sore I felt like I could barely walk, but I loved the soreness then as I do now. All I wanted to do was run even further, get sore and revel in my accomplishments.

I no longer play organized sports beyond some tennis or basketball, so I have to push myself as hard as my coaches once did to reach that soreness level which training for a sports team brought on so easily. Most of the week, I am sore. Woo! I run at least five days, go to at least three yoga classes, do push-ups, sit ups, jump rope, circuits and interval training. Phew, but I can’t stop!

Last weekend I went on a hike, which ended up being an intense three hour journey. I knew my reward was coming! Sunday morning I woke up so sore. My thighs BURNED like whoa. It was just the motivation I needed to keep going. I was invigorated and went running! For me, soreness is like the chug up to the top of the roller coaster where you sit, enjoy the view and gear up for what it’s prepared you for, the amazingly fun downhill which is your next workout!

On Monday I could not get out of bed at six AM. That’s okay! My body said sleep so I listened. I hit up yoga class and decided after that a hill elliptical workout was just what my sore legs craved. I sure was right! It worked that soreness right out! This led me to an epiphany. I love being sore! I crave soreness! I’m sore because I worked out new muscles and pushed old ones. Those hills from my hike completely worked my thighs and my body thanked me.

I don’t want to go a day without being sore! Without feeling my body! Without feeling the muscles that I’ve broken down and are now rebuilding into a nice shapely feminine tone. From now on I’ll only do workouts that lead me to be utterly sore! The harder it is to get out of bed the better! That way I know I’ve worked hard, trained hard, played hard, and I can see those results in my body. Bring it on soreness! You will not slow me down, only make me push even harder!

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