Bran Stark a God | Game of Thrones Season 6 Theory

It’s all about Game of Thrones Season 6 Theory. Bran Stark is an old and new god!

That’s right this season has given us amazing insight into Bran Stark! It’s obvious now that he is one of the most important characters in this world. He’s a warg, greenseer, and he’s come face to face with the main white walker. All Brandon Starks are great!

What if all Brandon Starks are the same because our Bran Stark has gone back into time to try to control their actions? It’s a possibility. We were seen that from the start he is the reason why Hodor is Hodor! He also tried to communicate with a young Ned Stark.

Bran has amazing magical power and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what he can do!

Comment on our Game of Thrones video and let us know if you agree with our theory about Bran!

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