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All about the best TV of 2016! Such good TV this year and these are our top 6!

Our list as three Sci-Fi/Drama’s and three comedies. Seriously there has been some amazing television shows this year but if you have not watched much then Westworld, Stranger Things, and Animal Kingdom are a must for your Sci-Fi/Drama’s!

Let’s face it all three of those shows are amazing! Westworld is definitely one of our favorites and a must to binge! You can’t go wrong with it. Stranger Things is Sci-Fi and takes places in the 80s while Animal Kingdom is a crime family drama!

There are three comedy musts on our list! These comedies are perfect because they’re not long seasons so you don’t have to invest a ton of time but the time you do is so worth it for Love, Better Things, and Son of Zorn!

These three shows are completely different. Love is about these two quirky twenty-something who meet, become friends, and toe the line of falling in love. Better Things is about a single mother with three daughters. It’s realistic and let’s face it women are funny! Son of Zorn is a hybrid of animation and sitcom! Such a genius concept and hilarious!

You can’t go wrong with any of these shows! They’re great for binge watching too! These are the best TV of 2016.

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What are your favorite TV shows of 2016?

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