Baby Farts: Baby Diva Ep7 | Pillow Talk TV comedy web series

What began as Pregnant Problems are now a real life Baby Diva. Watch out for baby farts! They come without warning and ruin everything. Literally. Its episode seven damn it!


Babies fart a lot and without warning. It’s easy to blame one another, but Jeff and Meghan realize all that gas is coming from one little girl. Baby Maddi keeps tooting. Its adorable, awful, and constant. What a diva!

Having a romantic dinner? Baby farts. Trying to make love? Baby farts! There’s no telling how much gas might escape. So cute, yet so stinky.

Baby Diva follows one couple and their new baby through all the crap that normal people never consider. Ugh! Web series with attitude. Over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

Babies NEED a Running Stroller and We Love This One!

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1 Comment

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