Attracting Love: Keep Moving Forward

On the way to allowing (and calling in) your mate, a major requirement is to keep moving forward. By that I mean to look a ahead to your future, and the future you want to create. When you keep your focus on where you’re going, not where you’ve been, the mind becomes activated in a way that works toward your accomplishment of that goal.

Far too often, we remember, and re-experience that past. We replay those moments of pain, frustration or unwanted things from relationships in our past. Without understanding the power they have over us, we are sending out a message that re-ignites them in our future. Certainly, if you’ve ended a relationship and experienced pain, there is great desire to be free of that pain in your future partnership. Replaying the past is counter-productive. The mind can only work in one direction; what you want, or what you don’t want. Some people focus so much on what they don’t want, that they unknowingly keep that part of their past, alive.

To create a new paradigm for future love, we need to think of what it is that we want to experience in the new partnership. It is imperative we focus on that, and get excited about that concept. The moving forward part, is activated in this manner. The aim is to focus solely on how you want to feel, and how you want to be loved.

Also, the idea of moving forward is to continue your life, relaxed and confident that this new desire will occur. You can enjoy each and every moment on your way to getting “there.” So many people have a mentality of “anxious waiting.” They aren’t fully present to the current moment being lived, when focused on the lack the love they desire. There is an emptiness in the present, that has no power to draw in the greater reality. There is worry and discontentment. The trick is to live today, and be observant. Fuel the new vision with the parts of reality you like and want to see, from those that come into view. Perhaps you notice a couple holding hands. Rather than immediately think “Oh, I wish I had that,” you can turn it around to “Ah. That’s beautiful. That’s what I want.” The simplicity of this thought is astounding in its power. Looking at this type of scenario with happiness and expectancy, not only allows for a happy present moment, but fuels the acquisition of your future.

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