Apple Sells 5 Million iPhone 5 – Hold The Phone

After only 3 days Apple announced Monday that they sold 5 MILLION of the iPhone 5. Even if only the lowest price $199. model were sold that’s a BILLION dollars. A billion in 3 days. Not too shabby. A number of those are on a waiting list and according to the New York Times “it’s a million more than it’s predecessor the iPhone 4”.

However, analysts were predicting a lot more: 6 to 10 million to sell. Because the 5 million mark was lower than predictions Apple’s stock actually dropped today ending 1.3% less at $690.79.

Okay they move a billion dollars worth of phones and the stock goes down. There shouldn’t be any doubt now that the stock market is crazy and unpredictable.

I think the share price dropped because the iOS 6 maps – Sucks. I mean the interface now is lacking – just wait till you try it you’ll want your old iOS 5 back.

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