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And Just Like That Season 1 Episode 8 lets the truth drop! The path the show took is a long awkward one and there are a lot of moments that did not work for me. This episode they finally got to where they needed to start at!


And Just Like That Season 1 Episode 8 lets the truth drop! An extremely refreshing episode, but I’m still questioning whether it’s too late. Is there still an audience or did they miscalculate how viewers would like to see this new story unfold. Make sure you check out my quick review below.

Quick Review Episode 8

Carrie is truly Carrie this episode. I love how she cleans out her closet. It’s great to see her interaction with her younger, extremely successful neighbor. Classic Carrie and hello neighbor’s boyfriends penis! We see you. All of this is just so Carrie. Loved the dress at the end.

Charlotte is once again on point. I believe this to be how her life played out. They’ve individualized how she treats her two children as well as her husband and friends. I love that! It’s really authentic.

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Miranda and Steve finally happened. Steve made a lot of valid points about how Miranda treated their relationship over the years. Is this once again Miranda taking Steve for granted and Che will have already moved on by the time she gets to Chicago. (I meant to say this in my video and I did not) I truly question whether Miranda will always be unsatisfied with her life.

And Just Like That Season 1 Episode 8 lets the truth drop! This is the spot the series should have started at. It would have so hooked people and then they could have flashed back to the Big stuff! Share with me your thoughts on And Just Like That Episode 8 and check out our quick review.

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