A New Year, a New way to make Resolutions!

January is here! It’s the New Year! It’s time for all of us to make our resolutions. Do you want to lose weight? Get engaged? Move? Find a new job? Pick it, put it on your list and go for it! Oh snap. If only it was that easy!

Do we just set ourselves up for failure by making resolutions? Of course not! The numbers say differently, I know. Richard Wiseman, from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, found in 2007 that 88% of those who set New Year’s resolutions failed to keep them. Wow! But people don’t fret. Blast away that negativity! It’s our approach to these resolutions that needs changing.

Honestly, I hate the boring old ‘traditional’ resolutions. There’s such a negative connotation with them. Example: have you ever gone to a work out class or the gym the day after January 1st? It’s packed! By mid-February it’s back to the usual suspects of faithful gym goers. What happened people? I’m going tell you! It’s our approach. We want to make a change, we make a resolution, but we don’t hold ourselves accountable for it. How can we change this?

Here’s how we change things up. First, stop making traditional resolutions! You know, the ones everyone makes and breaks. Instead, make a list of your goals for the year or even just for the first couple months. Update those goals! That’s right. When you reach a goal cross it off. It will make you feel accomplished! Don’t judge your goals either. Be proud of them damn it. If you want to lose twenty pounds then lose it, but be realistic. Lose two pounds your first month and then up it to five. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed by making your goals realistic. Remember, stay positive; legit goals take hard work and nothing happens overnight. To lose weight, drop those Christmas cookies! To find a new job, update your resume! To find a new man, get your bumbum out on the dance floor! Or sign up for a dating website. By approaching a goal through multiple steps you’ll have a better rate of success!

My favorite part, sharing your goals with your friends, family, and significant other! Have you ever heard of peer-pressure? How about peer-support? Same concept with a positive outcome! Use it to your advantage. Having even one person in your corner will for sure make you work harder. Trust me! My guy and I have written down our goals for the year. This way we hold each other accountable for what we want to accomplish!

Whatever your goals are, put them out there for the entire world to see! Don’t call them a resolution. Make them a part of a lifestyle change! Good luck and rock it!

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