A Fun 30 Day Cardio Challenge


I’m obsessed with 30 day challenges. I love the variety that each month brings, and the growing challenge of each new day. This 30 day Cardio Challenge brought some amazing variety, and was definitely one of my favorite challenges. Plus, it was a lot of fun! It’s a great intro to 30 day challenges and some good solid cardio!

The cardio challenge consists of two exercises, high knees and mountain climbers. I enjoyed them both initially, and gained a newfound appreciation for each exercise after the 30 day HIIT challenge. I learned to love these bad boys, so I was psyched to take on the cardio challenge. Like so many other challenges, this one starts off very simple: 40 high knees and 20 mountain climbers. If you haven’t been doing either of these exercises recently, it will definitely feel a little tough!


Cardio Challenge

As time goes on the cardio challenge gets both easier and a lot harder. It’s why I love 30 day challenges, and why this one was so much fun. Some days it felt simple, and others kicked my bum. The end result of this challenge is 240 high knees and 80 mountain climbers. How satisfying is that kids? Super satisfying! I’ve definitely dreaded both of these exercises at some point in my life. High knees can be hard, and mountain climbers are super daunting, but this challenge made me love them both. I want more of these exercises in my life!

High knees are amazing, and yes, I really do love them. These bad boys are super satisfying, and totally challenge your whole body. At first your calves and thighs get sore. It’s hard to catch your breath, and even harder to do 40 plus high knees in a row. But they get easier, and with that ease comes an incredible sense of accomplishment. I’m a big advocate for HIIT training, and high knees are a common component of HIIT circuits, for good reason.


High Knees

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Mountain Climbers are one of the best full body exercises out there, and the reason this challenge is great. At first you think you’re just getting a good core workout, but damn, those mountain climbers work your arms, back, legs… EVERYTHING kids. That’s why I no longer dread these bad boys, but love them and embrace them! Such a simple movement carves up every nook and cranny of your body.

This 30 Day Cardio Challenge taught me to love and embrace two exercises I never would have. Both are simple, but they really work your full body. I was reminded that exercising itself is simple. You don’t need a ton of equipment. You don’t need a fancy gym, or fancy classes. All you need is yourself and motivation kids! It’s why I love doing challenges so much. I’m always changing up my workouts. I’m always adding something new and falling in love with a new routine. They keep my workouts fresh!

Jump on the 30 day challenge bandwagon kids, and start with this cardio challenge. It’s a great addition to your daily workouts, doesn’t take too long, and you’ll feel super strong when you finish! I know you’ll gain an appreciation for these simple exercise moves. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! That’s what working out should be. Find something you love and keep doing it.



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