5 Habits for A Mindful, Stress-Free Morning Routine

Mindful living does so much for our health and happiness, but if you don’t start your day off right, then you’re sure to lose out. Our morning routine is the first and most important step towards creating a mindful life, and Sophia Smith has five habits to get you started stress-free!


Mindful living has been gaining a great deal of attention, and this comes as no surprise. The winds are shifting, so to speak, and people are becoming increasingly focused on their health and overall wellbeing – physical, emotional, and mental. So, as we learn to take things one step at a time, embracing and soaking in every moment, the good and the bad, we must evaluate our current routines and shake things up. Here are five habits to create a mindful, stress-free morning routine!

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As we travel along on our journey towards true mindful living, being present in the moment is one of the pillars of being mindful in our daily lives. In time, you will come to realize that there is so much beauty around you. The good will outweigh the bad, and you will become more prepared to take in the bad with the good and handle it with much more grace and less stress.

Of course, the way you kick off your morning is an indication of how your day will progress. So it’s vital that from the moment you open your eyes, you open up to positivity and be aware of your surroundings. Then you can go about your day with the least amount of stress possible. If you are consistent, all of your days will become joyful and harmonious. Let’s start by practicing these five habits today and unveil the best in ourselves and those around us. Its time to smell the roses again, starting with our morning routine.


1. Snooze Button Alternative


There is actual scientific evidence that hitting the snooze button could not be farther from beneficial to your day and morning routine. Sleeping is a complex process, but to cut the long story short, the REM phase occurs approximately 90 minutes after you’ve fallen asleep, and there are numerous stages of REM during the course of the night. Now, the bad thing about the dreadful alarm is that when it usually goes off, you’re near your final REM cycle. Why is this important? Because snoozing the alarm at this point can throw you back into the REM cycle, and the next time you’re jolted by the alarm, it’s in the middle of that second final REM stage, making it more difficult to wake up and start the morning right. Instead, you feel groggy and even sleepier than you would have if you had just woken up right away. There are also long-term consequences of the ‘hit the snooze’ practice, but let’s nip this in the bud and stop snoozing as of today.


2. Make Time for Gratitude


In the spirit of mindful mornings, it would be a good idea to set your alarm 30 minutes before you actually need to get up, and then meditate with sounds that bring you serenity. You can stretch in your bed during this time, embracing the sun and visualizing your day. This is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body. Use this time to think of all the things that are going well in your life, and if you can, express your gratitude for all of these blessings out loud. Remind yourself of the positive elements of your life and it immediately chases away negative thoughts. Set your daily goals and then kick-start your metabolism with a glass of warm water with lemon. Talk about a killer morning routine! Continue to hydrate the body throughout the day in order to remain focused and sharp and fight off fatigue.


3. Tune Out and Tune In


Instead of reaching for your phone as soon as your eyes open, put it away. The scrolling can wait, but your wellbeing cannot. The benefits of meditation have always been somewhat familiar to us, but now there is scientific evidence to support the benefits of this practice. Meditation has the power to relieve you of anxiety, stress and even depression. It can do wonders for the body as well. Therefore, steal 20 minutes every morning to get in touch with your core, empty the mind and just be in the moment. If you don’t know how to begin, there are numerous meditation apps that will guide you through this process. You can even join a meditative yoga class!


4. Shake It Up


Aside from meditation, there are very few things that can energize the body and invigorate the mind like a good morning workout. Choose a sport or activity that’s most suitable for your sensibility, just make sure you stay active. Exercise has an enormous impact on our mood, not to mention cardiovascular health, and when everything is great with the body, everything will be peachy in the mind.

Of course, when you exercise it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. You don’t want to risk earning sore muscles and fatigue due to dehydration. If you have trouble reminding yourself to drink water, perhaps it’s time you got the absolute best water bottle. It’s not only pleasing to the eye, which helps remind you to drink up, but it’s also reusable. That is always a plus, because we have to do everything in our power to preserve the environment. Again, be aware of your surroundings and every breath you take. Be mindful every step of the way.


5. The Night Before


While your morning routine is paramount for a stress-free morning, there are certain things we can do the night before to help us ease into the new day. One of them is picking out the clothes we’ll be wearing, both workout clothes and work clothes. Everything you need for the following morning can be laid out the night before. This saves you from the stress of having to ‘invent’ an outfit, which we all know is a huge life-saver.

In addition to planning your wardrobe, make sure you go to bed early. Even more important, don’t stare at your phone as it stimulates the brain and hinders sleep. Your body needs a good night sleep in order to reboot, so don’t sabotage yourself with electronic devices. Start these five habits for a mindful, stress-free morning routine and watch as your life transforms!


Get to Know the Writer:

Sophia Smith is a beauty blogger, eco-lifestyle lover and food enthusiast. She is very passionate about natural skincare, yoga and mindful living. Sophia writes mostly about lifestyle-related topics in her blogs. She has contributed to a number of publications including: Eco Warrior Princess, How to Simplify, Carousel, Fit x Brit and Peaceful Dumpling.



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