5 Great Benefits of Yoga for Busy Moms and their Family

benefits of yoga

The benefits of yoga go beyond the obvious. For busy parents and their families, yoga can be the perfect escape. We’ve got five great benefits of practicing yoga.


As a busy mother or father, it can be difficult to find time for yourself between all of your responsibilities. You may work a demanding job, care for your children full-time, or do a mix of the two. Regardless, the precious time you have in quiet must be maximized. Being able to combine your exercise, mental relaxation, and solitude all in one is no pipe dream. Yoga is all of that and more!

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We all must embrace activities that provide maximum benefits physically, mentally, and socially. Yoga is called a practice because its a personal journey that is constantly changing. The more you practice yoga, the more benefits of yoga you discover. And while its a personal experience, yoga is for the whole family. Below are five great benefits of yoga.


Yoga Relaxes the Body and Mind

Yoga may appear challenging, but its actually approachable for anyone and everyone. It relaxes both the body and the mind. How does this work? Yoga involves moving the body in slow, purposeful motions, flowing through a series of interconnected poses. It allows you to feel and relax your body as you put your mind at ease, using your breath to guide your movements. Yoga is universally beneficial and can be especially helpful for people who live with depression and anxiety. This is because it allows for both relaxation and meditation. The calmness you feel while practicing yoga creates mental clarity and allows for concentration.

Yoga Gives You Alone Time

Yoga is a great excuse for some alone time. But even if you practice with others, you can escape within the practice itself. Just ensure a reasonable level of quiet, so you can enjoy the mental benefits it provides. Plus, if you’re going to practice yoga in your own home, you can dedicate a particular space to it. While most homeowners spent between $5,000 and $10,000 improving their homes in 2018, you don’t have to break the bank to create a wonderful yoga space.

Creating a yoga space is truly a small household project that only requires a few key ingredients. Purchase a quality yoga mat, as well as any other exercise equipment you’d like to utilize. Then clear an area at least twice the size of your mat. If feasibly, turn an extra bedroom or corner space into your new fitness area. Make it a safe space for you to practice yoga at your leisure. Add a fresh coat of paint, a table for your belongings, a motivational poster or two, and an electronic plug-in to follow online videos on a laptop or tablet.


yoga at home


Yoga Has Amazing Physical Benefits

There are tons of physical benefits to practicing yoga. It can even be your primary form of exercise, so long as you push yourself and your endurance. Yoga increases flexibility as well as muscle strength and tone. It also helps to improve circulatory and cardio health. Regular practice will even contribute to weight reduction, especially if you get into yoga that involves more movement and a faster flow.

You’ll also find that practicing yoga improves your energy levels. You’ll feel more energized during the day and less exhausted at the end of the day, leading to a good night’s sleep. If you have arthritis or experience back, leg, or arm pain, yoga will help to ease it.

Yoga Can Be Practiced Anywhere

Parents need flexibility, which makes yoga a great activity because it can be practiced anywhere. If you work in an office or hospital, you can practice on the grass at a local park. If you are home, you can practice in your favorite room or in your backyard. Great yoga videos are easy to find on the internet or in fitness apps and most yoga studios now offer online classes as well. Do them live, or whenever you have spare time during the day. Practicing for an hour is great, but even 10 or 15 minutes of yoga has tremendous benefits.

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Since the weather is one of the four main causes of auto body damage, it’s convenient that yoga can be practiced at home or wherever you find yourself during inclement weather. Many of us are currently craving socialization and an opportunity to be involved in our community. Practicing yoga can help meet those needs as well. A yoga studio is itself a community where you can meet other parents or new neighbors. Community centers and private gyms also offer yoga classes, providing another avenue to make new friends and open yourself up.

Yoga is an Opportunity for (Quiet) Family Bonding

Practicing yoga by yourself or with a group of adults in a relaxed but encouraging environment are two great ways to do yoga. However, there is another way that includes your family. Children can benefit from yoga in the same ways you can. This makes it a great activity for some quiet family bonding!

Perhaps your kids are enrolled in one of the 33,619 private schools in the United States and have a busy academic schedule alongside a list of extracurricular activities they’re involved in. They too need a break and yoga with mom or dad is both fun and relaxing. They’ll be able to stretch, relax, and calm their mind, which may make it easier for them to focus later on schoolwork. It will also make it easier for them to sleep at the end of a long day.


There are countless reasons busy parents should practice yoga. Not only are there great physical and mental benefits, you can practice anywhere you want, alone or with your kids. It’s up to you to find activities that make you happy and relaxed. The benefits of yoga are a perfect match.


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