30 Day Squats Challenge Just Fabulous!

I’d been looking for creative 30 day challenges to do while pregnant, since I don’t want to overwork my abs as my belly grows. I discovered this Squats Challenge and it totally shaped by backside. Its fabulous!


My favorite thing about this Squats Challenge is that it’s not just squats. I love the exercise, but a whole month of squats can get a bit redundant. This challenge has four exercises, all working your rear and your legs. You do each exercise for seven days, only one per day, with a rest every five days. The challenge begins with wall sits which is perfect! It really eases you into the challenge and makes it extremely approachable from the beginning.

The wall sits prime you for straight squats which come next. Since you’re switching exercises every week, the challenge feels like a wave. You hit the peak of wall sits with a minute and forty-five second hold, then the next day you’re moving on to squats! You start out with 30 of them and it feels just right. This challenge also gives you an option. You can either do 30 straight squats, or you can split them into sets of 10. This suggestion is there for you throughout the rest of the challenge, making it extra approachable for all fitness levels.

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Another thing that makes this challenge unique is that it opens you up to new exercises. After squats you move on to doing lateral squats. I hadn’t done this type of squat before and I’m really glad that I discovered them. You cannot do this exercise on auto pilot. You need to focus on your balance the whole time. I find that you can get into a groove with traditional squats, but not with these lateral squats! You work your center of gravity and they’re a refreshing change.


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The last exercise was another new one for me. I was not at all familiar with Bulgarian squats, but I’m so glad that I learned how to integrate them into a workout. This exercise was nice because it worked every muscle a traditional squat works, but also worked my balance and forced me to find my center of gravity. It was a different balance point than the lateral squats, and one I rarely get to. This challenge really switched it up for me and worked random spots in my body. I loved that!

Another bonus of this challenge is the added option of using weights. The last two exercises, lateral squats and Bulgarian squats, give you the option of doing them with dumbbells. I love this! It was great to be able to personalize the exercises. I chose to not add the weights, but if you want that extra intensity, add them to it!

The final day of this challenge is simply a celebration of completion. Since I love ending my challenges strong, I adapted it and celebrated by doing all four exercises. I did one minute wall sit, 20 squats, 20 lateral squats, and 20 Bulgarian squats. I loved finishing that way and highly recommend it!

The Squats Challenge is just fabulous and also has a great message! Each rest day suggests a different activity: Take a Nap, Meditate, Play Hard, Read and Grow, and Go for a Walk. All of the messages are just great! They really inspired me to do something different on the days I didn’t have the challenge.


I truly enjoyed this challenge and highly recommend it! I loved the variety and how it brought new exercises into my life. That’s really what I’m always looking for in a 30 day challenge. Try this bad boy this month! It’s perfect to keep you motivated through the holidays.




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