30 Day Six Pack Challenge is Wicked Killer!

I do a new 30 day fitness challenge every month, so I’m always on the hunt for something different and out of my comfort zone. This six pack challenge is all that, a wicked killer you’ll love!


I found this six pack challenge on Popsugar, which is definitely one of my favorite sites for fitness. The challenge consists of six exercises that you do every other day. That was what drew me to it, every other day is a rest day. I liked the idea of more exercises and added breaks, but don’t worry. This bad boy is an awesome workout. Check out the FULL CHALLENGE CHART ON POPSUGAR HERE.

Like all 30 day challenges, this one starts with a low number of reps. Only eight of each exercise, but you always do three sets. That’s three times through all six exercises and the exercises are great! Seated Russian Twists, Traditional Crunches, Side Elbow Plank Twists, Superman Lifts, Plank Jacks and Overhead Side Bends. You’re definitely going to be feeling these movements. Even on the first day, after only eight reps of each, I said to myself “This isn’t so bad, but damn.” Just like all of these fitness challenges, as you go on it gets more intense!

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The best part about this challenge is that even though you rest every other day, the rest doesn’t really matter. The workout was intense every time, especially the side elbow plank twists. I’d never done these before and although I’ve done a ton of different variations on plank, this one was still hard. It’s all about balance and core strength! It cuts into the sides of your body. I can’t tell you how many times I lost my footing, or had to reposition myself, but I loved it. I loved the feeling of being challenged by something that seemed simple.

That feeling of being challenged by simplicity resonated throughout this fitness challenge. These are all simple movements and I’ve done variations of them all before, but the six exercises done together are great! I chose not to give myself a rest between each set, because I found that doing this quickly elevated my pulse and was a real challenge!


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The one downside to this challenge is that it ends on a rest day. No, no, no kids. You can’t end your challenge on a rest day, so I created a bonus day for myself. The second to last day of this challenge is day 29 with 15 reps of each exercise, so on the final day I did 16 reps of each instead of resting! It felt great to add that extra day in. I then rested on the 31st day with my challenge complete.

This 30 day challenge is great! It’s deceivingly challenging, but also very approachable. If you’re trying to jump start your fitness, this is a great fitness challenge to tackle! Sometimes it can be mentally hard to do a 30 day challenge, especially when they get very intense, even with a rest day thrown in here and there. With this bad boy you’ll see and feel the results, and resting every other day preps you for each new day of workouts.

This is now one of my favorite challenges! I loved the variety and it was different from any other challenge I’ve done before, a major plus in my book. I highly recommend this six pack challenge and keep me posted on your progress once you start it!



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