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The second half of 2018 has more superhero movies, but there are also a lot of sequels, reboots, and two incredible films! Your 2018 New Movies review.


Dan and Mandi are rating the best 2018 New Movies of the Fall and Winter, those that Todd put on his list: New Movies Part Two. We rank them by excitement level and the three of us definitely do not agree. Do any of us want more Marry Poppins? Maybe, but definitely not.

This year is basically flooded with sequels and superhero movies, yet some actually look cool. That definitely made us feel less excited about the fall and winter 2018 new movies, but we found some gems. Of course Dan’s drawn to the X-men, because like Todd they grew up loving that universe. Mandi is so put off by the horribleness of Apocalypse, that she is not excited for Dark Phoenix. Do you think it will be any good?

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There are two biopics in our 2018 New Movies, with one being about Neil Armstrong and starring Ryan Gosling! Hopefully this movie will be good, but apparently it will only be his life leading up to the moon landing. The second biopic is Bohemian Rhapsody, which is about Freddie Mercury. This film stars Remi Malek and he looks incredible. The film only goes until 1985, prior to Freddie Mercury’s death, but we’re okay with that!

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Check out all of the films we spotlight. SPOILER ALERT: None of us are excited for Mary Poppins Returns. We even have a few honorable mentions. Hello, Tomb Raider reboot. It graces our 2018 New Movies!

Which 2018 new movies are you most excited for? Do you agree with our excitement levels for these new movies?

Mandi and Dan love TV and Movies!

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