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Willow Episode 4 is all the evil demons! Graydon’s demon takes possession and Willow as well as Elora try to rid him of it. The evil demons of the castle try to take old of everyone else.


 Willow Episode 4 is all about the evil demons! Graydon’s demon takes possession of him. Kit’s grandmother’s castle’s demons try to take hold of everyone else as well. Of course, majority of the focus is between Willow and Elora ridding the demon from Graydon.


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It’s no surprise that Elora casts out the demon from Graydon and of course Kit is the one to tell her that her spell in fact did work. When she cast out the demon, she saw that this is not the first time Graydon had a demon in him. When he was a child he pushed his brother out of a tree due to a demon possession.

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I do not think the demon is completely out of Graydon. I think he’ll be possessed once again. It feels like there is more to his story that we do not know yet. I do not think he’s done with his original demon.

Boorman is hilarious in this episode. He outs himself for actually finding that key. Not only does he questionably drink some old wine, but he tries to break open some door that calls to him. The whole castle plays with everyone on this quest except Willow.

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Willow Episode 4 is all about the evil demons. The tone of this show is still off, but I’m on this journey for season 1! Share with your thoughts? Check Out Episode 4 review.



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