Why Love Gets Better for Women Over Time

The process of dating and mating can leave young women wondering about their future as well as their self-worth. This will change. I promise. You will gain a wisdom that can only be found over time.

Love gets better as you get wiser. With each passing year, you’ll find that it is you that you’re seeking. Then, the man to match your value appears.

You will love and be loved… when you love yourself. But life is funny in this way. We have to fail in order to succeed. We have to chase the wrong goals to discover our true goals. We must take this detour to find the way to our truth.

What you don’t yet know is that you will transform into a woman you like and admire. You will wear shoes that feel comfortable, and not those that hurt to look attractive to “him.” You’ll wake up in the morning and value your reflection (sans perfect hair and makeup), caring little if he thinks you’re desirable or not. You’ll be thrilled to have another day to live your truth, and another chance to create the life you seek.

You’ll care less if he’s attracted to you, and more if you’re attracted to him. You’ll care less about discovering his erogenous zones, and more that you know your own. You’ll no longer obsess about your “performance” in bed, and his evaluation of your worth. You won’t focus on his excitement, as you’ll care more about whether you’re excited. You will not ponder the question of his love, but care only that you love yourself. And in the brilliance of that understanding, you will be loved completely.

In this natural adjustment, you will find your King. Not because you’re pandering to his delights, preferences or desires— but because you’re chasing the life you want. And when you know this, the thing that only time can reveal… your King will appear to love every part of you, as you love yourself.





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