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Whole Foods Hummus Review with the 3 delicious flavors we’ve tried! It’s part of our BuzzChomp food series!


Whole Foods Hummus Review is here and we’ve tried 3 delicious flavors. I’ve tried so many different styles of hummus. I love the traditional hummus you get out at a Lebanese restaurant, but I can’t always get that. Recently I discovered Whole Foods hummus and it is great!

The Whole Foods by my house in Brentwood, Los Angeles has three flavors: regular, lemon, and roast red pepper. All three of these flavors are great and I go back and forth between my favorite being the regular or the lemon. This is definitely a hot item at my Whole Foods because sometimes they have just one flavor.

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I’ve definitely never had such great lemon hummus before! I had a bad “lemoncello” hummus before that was sweet and just oh so wrong! I could literally eat this hummus all day every day! Almost every time they have it we buy it!

The Whole Foods by my house only has three flavors, but I would love to try a garlic one! I did some searching online and it does look like they have a garlic and jalapeño flavor. My Whole Foods should get on it and open up the flavors! I want more of this hummus!

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1 Comment

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