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Dexter – “Argentina”

We open to Dexter and Hannah dicing up veggies for a cozy omelet breakfast together. Soon after sister Deb continues to pressure Dexter to exterminate Hannah. Instead of telling Deb he cares for Hannah, he refuses to kill her leaving Deb annoyed and pissy.

While buying some doughnuts to smooth things over with Deb, Sirko goes gangsta on Dexter and does a shoot em’ up drive by. In a doughnut shop? That’s cold blooded. Luckily Dexter survives without a scratch.

Back at Metro, sad sack Batista announces the purchase of his new restaurant. Later Dexter breaks into Sirko’s home for a surprise kill only to be confronted with competition of another assassin. Not wanting to go 50-50, Dexter’s leaves the competitor with a slashed throat. The invincible Sirko lives another day!

Adding more to the confusion, Dexter’s stepchildren come to town for a visit only to get a lecture on the dangers of pot smoking. Dexter then retreats to the Hannah’s haven as she gives him some advice on killing Sirko. She also teaches him about the joys of booty calls. Nice girl, right?

Needing some dirty deeds done cheap, Novikov blackmails bumbling Quinn yet again. Big surprise. An envious Hannah meets Dexter at the beach to discover he has a real family. Later Deb has her own discovery when she finally learns about Dexter’s fling with Hannah. After a failed sobby guilt trip, Deb admits to Dexter that she’s in love with him. Insert awkward silence here. As usual, Dexter becomes speechless and withdrawn. Time to go hunt and kill.

Dexter returns to his main target Sirko and follows him into a gay bar. Surprisingly, Sirko greets Dexter with a warm welcome and they share and enlightening drink together. Sirko explains his love for Victor. The look on Dexter’s face is priceless. The night ends with a gloomy Dexter narration with images of Deb tokin’ it up with Astor, Quinn feeling guilty, La Guerta snooping around at the docks and finally Dexter back on booty call with Hannah. Happy, happy ,joy, joy!

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