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What to look for in Comfy Slippers this Winter

comfy slippers

We love our slippers, but with so many comfy slippers to choose from, how do you know what to look for? We’re here to help, so you too can be cozy and warm this winter!

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What’s your favorite thing about winter? A fresh snowfall? The crisp morning air? For me, it’s snuggling up and getting cozy. Maybe some hot chocolate is involved, but one thing is always present. Comfy slippers! How do you shop for your own perfect pair of slippers this winter? With a few quick tips so you’re as cozy as me.

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A big part of winter comfort is having the right slippers, not just a pair that fits. But how do you know what to look for so that you too have a truly comfy set of slippers? Time your purchase, choose your style, learn what makes them comfy, then go shopping. I’m here to help you find comfy slippers this winter.


Tips for your Comfy Slippers Purchase


Timing Your Purchase

Aim to get your new slippers at the start of the winter season before you need them. This way you are prepared before the cold weather first hits. Plus, you might want to wear your new slippers all the time like we do here at BuzzChomp. Before you purchase, be sure to check your size as it may have changed since last year. Different brands may size their footwear differently as well, so check the reviews.

Slipper Styles

It’s vital that you choose a slipper style you’ll love! You’ll probably be wearing them a lot over the coming months, so you need to be happy with your new slippers. The main styles to consider are:

  • Moccasins: These are fashionable and tend to be lined, making them warmer.
  • Sherpa house slippers: Probably the cutest type out there.
  • Clogs: Wool clogs are durable and more suitable if you want something to wear both indoors and outside.
  • Scuff slippers: With open heels, these are easy to slip on and off.
  • Bootie slippers: Keep your ankles warm too, and kids especially love the novelty designs available.
  • Slipper socks: Wash more easily than other types.



Fixtures of Comfy Slippers

Once you’ve chosen your style, you need to think about how your new slippers are made. As much as it’s lovely to imagine sitting in front of a roaring fire with a hot mug of cocoa all day, you’re likely to be on your feet a bit more than that. So, you should consider the amount of cushioning that you’re looking for in your slippers. A soft footbed – probably made of foam – will make sure that your feet remain comfortable and non-fatigued.

In addition to that, think about the lining. Fluffiness on the outside does not equal comfort for your feet. Faux fur is cozy, affordable, and doesn’t affect animal rights, while a flannel lining will be more breathable for your feet. Acrylic linings are cleaned easily, but the most luxurious slipper linings are shearling and sherpa styles.

Slipper Safety

Yes, comfort is paramount. But that’s not the only important thing. You need to make sure that you’re buying slippers that aren’t likely to cause you to slip or fall. Look for a durable sole and some kind of grip on the bottom of the slippers. Ones designed for outdoor use may have a more solid rubber sole, while indoor-only slips will have soles that are more flexible but still able to cause some traction as you walk. Even slipper socks should have gripper dots on the underside.


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