What I Learned From One Year of Motherhood – Make It Fun!

Motherhood is quite the adventure and this past year I learned a ton. My baby girl is now one year old, so it’s time to share. What I learned from being a mom for a year! Make it fun!


It’s been a little over a year since I became a mom. It was such an exciting day, one that I prepared for over nine months, but truthfully thought about for as long as I can remember. No amount of preparation could have prepared me for motherhood and that’s why I want to share with you what I learned from being a mom for a year. I learned a ton, as you’ll see below, but above all I learned to make it fun.

Prior to my own adventure I watched many of my friends and family become moms, but I didn’t see them on a daily basis. Actually, most of my friends who have babies are on the east coast. It’s funny how most of my Los Angeles friends are single and without kids. So I didn’t really experience those initial changes in my friends where their time is no longer their own.

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Your time is no longer your own. That was the first thing I learned immediately, that my time is no longer my own. I used to get up every morning and head out the door for a run. On a day where I moved fast, I’d be out within 15-20 minutes. During the first year of being a mom I have never gotten up and out that quickly. It does not happen for me and has not happened yet. My baby wakes up and needs to breastfeed. Sometimes that lasts for 5-10 minutes, but it can also be up to 30 minutes.

Giving up your time is a big lesson and change during that first year of motherhood. I can no longer just run out the door to go anywhere. I always need to pack my bag, get Maddi, and make sure that I prepared for all the little things that a baby needs. The good thing now is that we have it down to a science and I can just run to the grocery store with her and not have to prepare for a total meltdown.


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I can operate on no sleep. For most of my life I thought I needed at least eight hours of sleep, but let’s be honest, nine was my sweet spot. I loved letting my head hit the pillow and I enjoyed waking up to my alarm, but I have not done that in over a year. Taking care of a little life showed me that even if she wakes me up every hour during the night, I will be fine. I can’t sleep in the next day and I still have to take care of her. Somehow I’ve trudged on and not let tiredness get me down.

Embrace your mom fails. I’ve had a lot of mom fails and honestly, I don’t beat myself up about them. This little thing has had blow-out diapers and of course I’ve forgotten a change of clothes. The first time we went to the beach we brought a bad umbrella, one that could not withstand the wind. We had an accident with our stroller and another women running. I used to always forget to bring a sweater for her, but no worries because I always bring one for myself. All of these things just made me more aware of her little life. I have to stop, slow down, and remember that I’m caring for someone else.

Being a mom is hard. No matter how naturally it comes to you, being a mom is hard. I’m caring for another life, shaping that little life, and helping her grow. I have to be patient, understanding, and know when to be tough. I’m no longer just Mandi, because I’m now Mom too. The little babe is always changing, so once we get one thing down, another little wrench gets thrown into the situation. I remind myself that even though it is hard, I have to just let it be easy.

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I’m having so much fun. Maddi is a fun little thing. She laughs more than she cries and she just wants to play all the time. She knows just what to do to get me to chase after her, and when I catch her she squeals with delight. No matter how hard it is, how little sleep I get, and all of the times I think I’ve had the biggest mom fail, none of that really matters! It’s fun to be a mom.

My babe is now a toddler and in a constant state of change, so I know that what I learned from a year of motherhood is just the beginning! Soon I’ll get my sleep back, soon I’ll get more free time, but I’m going to make sure that I’m always having fun with my cute little babe!


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